Lessons from Life from the Astronaut's Wife

Lessons from Life from the Astronaut's Wife


The powerful north winds were howling. From indoors, I watched as dead palm fronds became airborne missiles, and were propelled into the side of the house. Down the street from us, brittle tree...

Posted November 14, 2022


Lighthouses have always stirred up my imagination. These sentinel towers stand alone, as guardians of the night watch. Located on rocky outcroppings, these structures are built close to the sea,...

Posted November 14, 2022


Recently I heard a man of God share a heartfelt message for the Christians of America. There was unmistakable concern and compassion in his voice as he shared scriptures of comfort with those who...

Posted October 26, 2022


My daughter, Joy and I booked a room in a newly built hotel in Georgia, so we could stay for a family function.  After our first night there, we were enjoying breakfast in the hotel restaurant...

Posted February 16, 2022

A Test of Endurance

The race known as The Ironman Triathlon is one of the most physically demanding of all athletic pursuits. A competitor is allowed 17 hours to complete this arduous three-part race. It requires...

Posted January 10, 2022

His Voice

One of the first jobs I held in the business world was that of being a bookkeeper. I worked at The Crocker Anglo National Bank in California. I was one of six people who manually posted the...

Posted April 23, 2020

My Father's House

The discouraging Oregon rain was again seeping through the rotted shingles on the roof of our dilapidated rental house. My brothers knew what to do. As they had done many times before, they...

Posted February 24, 2020

The Olive Tree

During the winter of 2011, I spent hours snuggled in front of my fireplace, drawn by the warmth of the leaping flames and the popping sound of burning logs. It was there that I wrote the...

Posted October 30, 2019

The Best Thanksgiving

In 1959, my husband Jim and I were stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. I did not yet have a driver’s license, so it was Jim’s responsibility to do the grocery...

Posted October 16, 2019

A Little Leaven

For my birthday last year, my daughter-in-law, Mary, gave me a cookbook of einkorn flour recipes. I had heard of einkorn wheat, but had not known that it had originally come from the Tuscany...

Posted September 17, 2019

The Broad Way

In 1988, a friend invited Jim and me to New York City to see the Broadway production of “Phantom of the Opera.” The music, lighting, sets, and costumes were magnificent however I found that the...

Posted August 29, 2019

From Outerspace to Inner Peace

On July 26th 1971, excitement and expectation charged the air as my four children and I stood in the family viewing area at the Kennedy Space Center. We were waiting for the launch of Apollo 15....

Posted July 11, 2019

Treasure Hunting

My favorite hobby used to be treasure hunting with a metal detector. Before we left on a trip to the Middle East, a “Master 500” Garrett Detector was given to my husband, Jim, by the inventor...

Posted June 27, 2019

Veggies and Weeds

The warmth of the spring sun is a seasonal signal to me that its time to think about planting. It is just the delightful incentive I need for a trip to the garden store. I purchased a bag...

Posted June 27, 2019

The Russian Price

In 1978, before the perestroika and glasnost movements were instituted in Russia, my husband, Jim, received an invitation to preach in the underground churches of Odessa and Kharkov. Jim was...

Posted June 27, 2019

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