Lessons from Life from the Astronaut's Wife

Lessons from Life from the Astronaut's Wife


My junior year in high school had already begun; I was seventeen and enrolled in a Christian co-ed boarding school one hundred and forty miles from home. I had attended the same school my sophomore...

Posted May 01, 2019

A Fire in the Hearth

My favorite time of the year in Colorado is when the days and nights are snowy. In the snowy weather, I always build a fire in the living room fireplace. First I place a crumpled newspaper in...

Posted February 01, 2019

This Little Light of Mine

When I was nineteen, I had the privilege of teaching kindergarten children at the church I attended. One of their favorite songs to sing was, “This Little Light of Mine.” We...

Posted January 07, 2019

The Wonder

THE WONDER In 1973, I enjoyed the rare experience of spending Christmas Eve with my family in the ancient city of Bethlehem. While there, I began to wonder why the traditional date of...

Posted December 07, 2018

The Appointment

After flying more than eighteen hours, my husband Jim and I finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. A government vehicle had been dispatched to meet us and drive us to our hotel. We wanted to rest...

Posted August 02, 2018

The Shepherd

My husband Jim was always keen for new adventures. His adventurous spirit was intensified one day when an acquaintance invited him on a trip to Turkey to search for Noah’s ark on Mt. Ararat....

Posted August 02, 2018

Not Plugged In

Jim and I were in Germany at a Christian camp where he had been invited to be the guest speaker. We were both sitting on the platform as were the musicians. The band was playing worship songs and...

Posted August 02, 2018

The Dream

For me, nighttime dreams are rare however, the dreams I do have are usually a warning or arevelation for me or my family. One night I dreamed I was riding “shotgun” in a...

Posted August 24, 2018

The Doe

Living in the foothills of Colorado Springs gave our family the opportunity to see many wild animals as they wandered through our property. My favorite ones to observe were the female deer...

Posted October 29, 2018

Aunt Nelly

During the summer of 1947, like many nine year olds, I had a growth spurt, and would need a new coat for the coming winter months in the Pacific Northwest. Mother took me shopping, and I...

Posted October 29, 2018

Piano Lessons

As a young child, I would sit on my mother’s lap when she played our old upright piano. Because of the lined bifocal lenses she wore, it was difficult for her to see the music in the...

Posted October 29, 2018

The Potter

While taking some college courses my granddaughter, Shannon, was trying to decide whether to enroll in a sculpting class, or a pottery-making class. She watched a student sculpt a bust from...

Posted October 29, 2018

Red-Orange Berries

In 1960, the U.S. Air Force gave my husband, Captain James Irwin a new assignment. He had been selected to attend test pilot school, and then continue with space school training. We left...

Posted October 29, 2018

Lessons from Seashells

One afternoon, during our visit to South Africa, we had an hour break in our schedule, so my husband, Jim, and I walked down to the seashore to relax and look for shells. We saw a man working...

Posted October 29, 2018


About twenty years ago my son-in-law, Ken, and I decided we needed to be CPR certified by the Red Cross in Colorado Springs. My husband, Jim, had multiple heart problems after his Apollo 15...

Posted October 29, 2018

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