My Song

Thirty-five years ago several of my children were still living at home. As their mother, I cleaned our house, did the shopping, washed countless loads of laundry, planted and tended a vegetable garden, cooked the meals, and kept the bathrooms sparkling clean. But, somewhere inside of me I knew that I was not totally fulfilled. I remember thinking, ‘there must be more to life than this – there just has to be.’

With that thought in mind, I went to the LORD in prayer. I said, “FATHER GOD, I want to know the full potential for which you created me. I know there must be more for me than just being a wife, a mother, and homemaker. Please show me what that is.”

One day I was home alone, sitting in our hot tub spa, when lyrics to a song and a melody sprang into my mind. I knew I had to run to my piano. I grabbed a towel, wrapped my dripping bathing suit, sat down, and began to play. I didn’t know how to write music, but I wrote the lyrics. I played the melody over and over until it became a part of me. The song was titled, “The Trees of Righteousness.”

I was amazed at this answer to my prayer and even more amazed when I began to write short stories that GOD was dropping into my heart. I knew the stories were from Him, because I had never written a story before that time.

Soon after that, another song began forming in my soul. Quickly, I found a scrap of paper and began writing lyrics for a song I called, “Who Will Go?” The melody was coming to me at the same time. I kept playing that song too, until it was fixed in my heart. Occasionally, I would play the new song, but later after months of not playing, I would have to use that scrap of paper to refresh my memory.

Years passed and that scrap of paper was tucked away in the piano bench – waiting and almost forgotten. A few days ago I found that now-tattered paper, and once again I began to play and sing, “Who Will Go?” As I sang I wept, not because it was a sad song, but for the first time I understood the answer to the prayer that I had prayed so long ago. The answer was in my song – the full potential for which I was created. Outside of the home, this was my ministry – my destiny.

“Who Will Go?”

Who will go, said the Master

Who will go and point the way to heaven?

Who will go and bring My weary children

Who will go and bring the lost ones home?

Will you go, said the Master

Will you go and heal the deaf and blind?

Will you go and pray away their teardrops

Will you go and bring the lost ones home?

I will go, I’ll go LORD JESUS

I will go and heal the deaf and blind.

I will go and bring your weary children,

I will go and bring the lost ones home,

Yes, I’ll go and bring the lost ones home.

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