The Officer

Around 3:00 a.m. the ringing of our doorbell pierced the silence of our house and awakened me and my husband out of a deep sleep. Quickly, I became conscious enough to spring out of bed, grab my robe, and run down the hallway to the front door. Jim was right behind me. Through the window bordering the door, I could see a police car with its red light flashing, but in my sleepy state I didn’t understand what was happening. All five of our children were in bed so I knew it was nothing involving them.

Jim opened the door to find a policeman standing there. The officer said, “You have a hefty grassfire burning outside. It’s already burned two acres. Get your family out the wind is blowing in the direction of your house. I have already called the fire department.” He turned and left.

I hurried downstairs and in a soft voice awakened each of the children. Jim went outside to wait for the fire engines to arrive. Our volunteer county fire department sent two trucks for assistance and by 5:00 a.m. the fire was out. Feeling physically and emotionally drained, we all went back to our beds.

Later that morning I called the police department to express our gratitude and thankfulness to the officer that had come to our door. The man who answered the phone listened to my story. He placed my call on hold and tried to find the officer that had been on duty so early that morning. After several minutes the man came back on the line and said, “Lady, there was no one patrolling out in your area last night.”

“Yes there was.” I countered. “He saved our home and our lives. Someone must have reported our fire to your police headquarters because the officer came out to warn us.”

Again the operator left the phone, this time to call the county sheriff’s department. He returned to the phone with the same story. “There was no one patrolling your area last night and no fire was reported.”

I thanked him and put down the receiver. Standing there, I tried to comprehend what I had been told. Was he mistaken? How could it be that no officer was ‘on duty’ when both Jim and I had seen him and his police car! Then I realized what had taken place that early morning. My eyes filled with tears as I remembered Psalm 34:7. The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him (who revere and worship Him in awe) and each of them He delivers.I believe that the officer who had been sent to patrol our area that night had been dispatched by the FATHER to deliver us from impending disaster. Psalm 91:11.

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